Judi and emma - Jems Caring Companions

JEMS was founded by Judi and Emma, who are both practicing, qualified nurses with over 30 years experience each working in the NHS, and who have specific knowledge in the care of the elderly, mental health and intensive care.

“We genuinely care about what we do and feel our service will benefit many elderly people living by themselves.

We recognise that in the twilight years, life can become quite lonely, especially if you have lost a lifelong partner, have retired from work or are housebound due to reduced mobility. It can all feel so isolating. We feel that companionship goes a long way to prevent loneliness. A companion could be the answer.”

Pet Friendly

Beloved pets can stay with you in your home.


We are both family orientated and practicing qualified nurses.


Personal experience of caring for elderly loved ones and also live-in au pairs.

Home is where the heart is

Living in your own home with all your memories.

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