Jems companions are now back in business after having to put all placements on hold due to the Pandemic.

Under the current Government guidelines (Jan 2021) people are still able to leave home to provide care for the vulnerable, this means our placements can now recommence.

However we will be liaising with both parties to ensure everybody is comfortable before  placements  proceed.

By following Government guidance we are doing everything in our power to protect and support our call parties. The health and safety of our Hosts and Companions is of paramount importance to us.

We ask all our Companions to take their temperature before visiting the Hosts home.

They will wear face masks if that is required, will regularly wash their hands and socially distance as much as possible.

We ask both parties to contact Jems immediately if they get symptoms or have come into contact with others who have symptoms or have tested positive.

By adhering to the protocols outlined by the Government, we hope to minimise the risk to all concerned so that we can remain of service to you.

Please note that although we expect all our Companions and Hosts to comply with the measures above, we cannot be held responsible for the health, or acts or omissions of both the Companion and Host.

If you have any further questions you can contact us by email: